Top 10 Best Adobe Premiere Pro Alternatives

Adobe Premiere Pro is the professional’s video editing application which is a successor of the Adobe Premiere developed by Adobe Systems. It was last updated back on 2nd November 2016 and includes features such as graphic designing, web development, and video editing. It has been used as an editing tool in blockbuster movies such as Deadpool, Avatar, Superman Returns and much more. This post, however, provides you with the top premiere pro alternatives as its disadvantages and the greatest of all being the inability for one to own it completely.

Adobe Premiere Pro Alternatives
Adobe Premiere Pro Alternatives

You can only have it if you can afford $19.99 per month for its subscription. You don’t subscribe it for a month, and your app stops working. Also, it has many high standard industry level editing tools which might not be required by one and all thus, resulting in a drain of their money.


But there is a solution to everything so, here is a list of top 10 alternatives to Adobe Premiere Pro which will meet your requirements at a much lower price.

1. Pinnacle Studio 20 Ultimate

This video editing app gives you the power to edit videos your way. There are many advantages that it provides but the best of all being, it can be bought, and you will no longer have to worry about the monthly subscriptions. It gives you all the advanced video editing tools such as a six angle multi – camera editor, 360° video editing, and thousands if 2D and 3D effects. It can give the same professional results like Adobe Premiere Pro with its advanced audio and video editing tools. Thus, Pinnacle Studio 20 Ultimate is your one solution if professional videos are all you want.

2. DaVinci Resolve Lite

DaVinci Resolve Lite is much hard about software DaVinci Resolve. Being free if cost, it has its limitations. Power mastering, noise reduction, and remote grading are some of the features which this software is devoid of but, it is just perfect for video editors who are not professional and require it for making videos such as short films or college videos. The features that it provides include window tracking, playback, high-quality image editing and the most remarkable of them being colour correction, mixing, grading and blurring. Hence, this app is just what a young video editor needs.

3. Sony Vegas Pro

Released in September 2016, Sony Vegas Pro is a non-linear editing software developed by Magix Software GmbH. Sony is a brand which has always been known for its sound quality and effects; Sony Vegas Pro not only provides quality video sound and soundtrack in general but also provides a significant number of sound effects to choose from. It is an app made for professionals to help them produce high-quality HD videos. The features that it offers include masking, task automation, testing, simplified workflow and much more which are just enough for a professional to get the best results possible.

4. Blender

Developed by the Blender Foundation way back in January 1995, Blender is one of the oldest video editing apps available today. It is an open source and professional software which is available for free. Apart from video editing, the other tasks it performs are providing visual effects, creating video games and animated films. The many features which Blender offers include supporting some geometric primitives, animating, sculpting, texturing, non-linear audio editing, collision detection and much more. Thus, Blender is one of the best apps you can consider if you are tired purchasing those expensive video editing apps while enjoying the same features.

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5. HitFilm Express

HitFilm Express is one of the most popular video editing apps available. It is being used by thousands of video editors be it in the making of movies or creating YouTube videos. The fact which makes HitFilm Express the best is that all its main features come for free and if in case one needs since some additional features, he can opt for the paid version. It is a complete video editing package that provides with all the tools a professional would require making the best out of his video. These include features live core editing and tools like 3D compositing tools.

6. Final Cut Pro X – Best among Premiere Pro Alternatives

Final Cut Pro X is a noun – linear video editing app which was recently updated in the month of January 2017. It is a professional app developed by Apple Inc. It is just friendly and is more powerful and simpler. It has features and tools better than all other apps on the list which include multi-cam editing, auto analysis for faces and scenes and XML importing. Not only this, but it also performs many operations in the background such as transcoding, auto-saving and media management to ensure a smooth performance. Thus, Final Cut Pro X is the best any professional filmmaker could ever find to get his video edited.

7. Corel VideoStudio

Corel VideoStudio app was developed by Ulead Systems (Corel) as a video editing software package for Microsoft Windows. It is, in fact, the most user-friendly apps and provides features like multi-camera editing function, audio normalisation, ducking and the drag-and-drop interface. Its additional features include reversing a video, changing its playback speed, and modifying the saturation and hue. One of the unique features of VideoStudio is that the soundtrack can be split, that is, the audio and the video can be played at a different pace. VideoStudio works with Windows 7 and its higher versions but not with Mac OS.

8. Lightworks

Lightworks is a non-linear video editing app developed by EditShare LLX. It had been released way back in 1989 and from then on has undergone many updates to become what it is today. It works well with OS such as Windows, Mac, and Linux and is something which every video editor should possess. The fact which makes Lightworks the best is that it has a free version available with almost all the features that would be required to perform good video editing which include real-time effects, export to YouTube and much more. Lightworks has also been used in the editing of famous movies which include Romeo and Juliet, 28 Days Later and The Wolf of Wall Street.

9. VideoPad

Developed by NCH Software, VideoPad is a video editing too which was first released in 2008. It not only works on Windows XP and Mac OS but also on Androids and iPads. It is suitable to be used by both amateurs and professionals and has a free as well as a non-free version which quite obviously has more features than the free version. It is user-friendly and more beneficial to first-time users as it is not very complex and one would not take much time to get through with it. It is an impressive and powerful app which runs well on modest hardware and performs its task of video shooting and editing very well. Its features include 3D editing, subtitles, storyboard display, correction and adjustment, DVD burning, drag and drop and much more which are more than enough to provide you with a perfect professional video.

10. CyberLink PowerDirector

PowerDirector is a non-linear video editing tool developed by CyberLink Corp. With PowerDirector one does not need to worry about monthly subscriptions as it can ve bought at a price if $59.99. PowerDirector is such an app which makes video editing accessible to editors of all skill levels; from beginners to professionals. Its user-friendly interface along with its remarkable features which include full 360° editing toolkit, project support, original 360 view designer, leading video formats, accelerated video production.

It’s effective tools like title designer, mask designer, menu designer, theme Designer, PiP Designer and multi-cam designer, make it one of the best video editing apps available today.

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Top 10 Best Adobe Premiere Pro Alternatives

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