5 Best Amazon Echo Alternatives for 2017

Amazon Echo is a smart-home controller that can be controlled by your voice. It can be used to activate and manage smart home devices and can fill music for you in your house. It is also a digital personal assistant who answers your questions using Artificial Intelligence technology.

Amazon provides you with the best device for Home automation which is similar to an Iot based Home automation, but there are many devices in the market which can outperform echo and satisfy their customers.

Amazon Echo Alternatives

Amazon Echo Alternatives

This article deals with such devices and lets see some of them below.

1. Athom Homey

This device almost approaches Jarvis (a smart home automation device which is shown in Iron Man movie). It can communicate with any device nearby which uses WiFi, Bluetooth, ZigBee, NFC (Near field communication), Z-wave, Xbee, infrared.
This uses almost all the communication technology protocols (at present) to interact with nearby devices in different radio frequencies. This also has the ability to recognize human voice and has the power to process natural human language and responds accordingly. This is embedded with Artificial intelligence technology and also includes several advanced features which can serves human needs efficiently.

2. CastleHub

CastleHub has its OS called castleOS. You can also install other OS which you like for example Windows 10. It has a 30 GB SSD, 802.11ac WiFi, Bluetooth, USB ports and includes many other features. It can also interface with many other home automation devices like Wemo, Hue, Eco Bee, etc.
You can also install apps like YouTube, Chrome and operate them through your voice commands. It also has multiple microphone ports which can be placed in different areas of your house so; you can give voice commands from anywhere in your house. This may be the best replacement as it can satisfy the customers according to their needs.

3. Apple Home Kit

If you are an iPhone user, this is the best Home Controller for you. This lets you use Siri voice commands to control your home devices. This means you can control and manage activities of your home through your phone. It is one of the best product from Apple Inc which is not known to many iPhone users.
Although it not compatible with many other devices but the best part is you can control it through your phone. You don’t need to buy any other voice recognizing devices because you have an iPhone.

4. Sonos Play

If you are a music lover, then this device is the best thing you needs. It can stream your entire music library and play your favorite song whenever you wants it. It can also stream music from different music websites like Gaana, prime music and many others.
Its dynamic sound with fresh music makes its customers worth buying it. This is a boon to music lovers which satisfy its customers with many of its advanced features that can be just accessed through your voice.

5. Google Home

Google home is a voice activated speaker powered by Google assistant. You can ask questions and tell to do things, just start with “Ok Google” which is an activation command. A simple voice command can trigger Google home to play music, the radio which uses the service of Google plays music, YouTube music, Pandora, Gaana, etc.

Google Assistant powerful algorithms detects any voices. Even from long distances, you can control the device without any difficulties. The best part is you can do Google Search through your voice anywhere, anytime.
Google Algorithms can learn about you and get personal. You can set alarms, set important dates on the calendar and many more features in one device.

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