Top 5 Google Gmail Alternatives (My Favorite #3)

Gmail is a free email management service provided by Google. Email or Electronic mail is a type of communication through digital messages using electronic devices like computers, tablets, phones, etc. Email operates primarily on internet networks. Some early applications providing this service required that both the recipient and the sender should be online simultaneously. Today, this drawback has been eliminated successfully.

Currently, there is no need for this format to follow. Today’s email systems work on the principle of storage and forwarding the message. The email servers accept, forward and store the message for the recipient to view. This post has some other gmail alternatives that you can try if Gmail is not suiting you enough.

You can see the message or the mail by logging into the server through an internet connection. E-mail has enormous advantages and applications. Formal communication is best conducted through email. Not only it saves a lot of time, but it has economic benefits as well. Earlier, it would take days, weeks or sometimes even months to deliver a single piece of information but nowadays with a click of a mouse you can provide an enormous amount of information at once.

Gmail Alternatives
Gmail Alternatives

Texting the messages electronically save paper and eventually save the environment from further degradation. Gmail (Google mail), developed by Google, is free but supports advertisements and provides email facility. Once registration is done an account is created which can be used to send and receive text messages. Gmail can also be accessed through mobile apps for Android and iOS. Gmail is king of email clients with millions of people using it. It is available in around 72 languages including French, Nepali, Chinese, etc. The storage capacity has been increased to 15 GB per user. For sending larger files, you can also use Google drive.

In spite of immense popularity and excellent features, many users are dropping out their Google accounts and switching to some alternatives. It has been spotted that for starters the new compose window is less user-friendly and also buggy. Also, there have been some recent claims against Google regarding the invasion of privacy. It has been detected that Google scans each and every received and sent mail so as to advertise accordingly. Since this is not a healthy activity and kind of an attack on your privacy so; you should not depend upon Gmail entirely. Following are the best five alternates to Gmail which can help with your needs:-


After Gmail, Outlook is becoming the traditional service to send and receive secure messages. It was launched by Microsoft and has replaced the Hotmail messenger. Many useful apps come with this package like Office Web Apps, SkyDrive, etc. This site is smoothly integrated with the interface of Microsoft Windows; so, if you are a hardcore windows user which majority of people are, then, you will love this app. As Microsoft owns Skype, Outlook notifies the Skype alerts as well. The best feature of outlook is that it does not spy on your emails sent and received, i.e.; it maintains the privacy of the user and does not provide any advertisements. Emails can be introduced through outlook express, windows mail or windows live mail.

Outlook provides users with many advantages. Also, Microsoft Outlook allows its users to share, view or edit the different document files directly from the web browser itself. Email expiration period can also be specified after which the email gets deleted automatically. It offers 5GB of free storage space with the deep social connection as well. Many people don’t know that they can import their contacts from Facebook for easy access and chatting purposes. Also, you can view you friend’s updates and publish your own through Thus, making it the best alternative to Gmail.

 2. Zoho Mail

With the advancement in the business field such workers require an email server which helps them with their basic needs. Zoho mail client offers such opportunity and is one of the best apps for business users. It is quick and has abundant features for operational requirements. The business plans start from $0. It is best known for its Customer Relationship Management tools.

The interface is straightforward and neat with the colorful theme. Zoho is secured, protected and works with your domain. It provides 5GB of free storage space with 10GB of document storage. Zoho mail continuously syncs with calendar, contacts, links, docs, etc. It is easy to use and secure making it eligible to use as an alternative to Gmail.

3. Hushmail

Hushmail is another growing web-based email which functions well on Android and iPhones. It is ad-free with built-in encryption and a storage space of 25GB. It takes good care of personal privacy and is speedy. You can even send the encrypted emails so as to check the security or safeguard the messages from unauthorised access. Hushmail comes with two versions which differ by the security encryption.

For more benefits, you can always upgrade your Hushmail account. It comes with many different domains like,,, etc. Despite a great number of advantages, it has a major drawback. Until and unless upgraded to premium account the email doesn’t work efficiently. Also, you need to log in at least once in every three weeks to keep it active. Still, hush mail can be a better option than spying Gmail.

4. GMX

GMX owns and provides free email service. and GMX share many similar features. GMX include unlimited email storage, up to 50MB of attachments and many other functions. It allows users to sync all of their emails into a single account and it has one of the best user-friendly interfaces. GMX scans your emails for viruses and other malicious actions. It comes with the anti-virus and other malware software and also protects the user from scams and spam. Security is its utmost priority, and thus, Gmail can be replaced by this mail server.

5. Facebook – Most Surprising and working gmail alternative

Not many Facebook users know that if they have a Facebook account, then they have a Facebook email account as well. Its domain is You can very easily receive and send emails to other addresses like Google, Yahoo, etc. as well. Sending emails through Facebook account is very much similar to that of sending a private message to a Facebook friend with a slight difference that former requires address while latter requires the name. It provides other facilities like mute the conversation anytime, starting group messages and of course leaving the uninterested conversations anytime.

Using Facebook as an email is very straightforward and user-friendly. Today, almost everyone has Facebook accounts and thus can send and receive the emails. Hence, Facebook can also be an alternative to Gmail.

Final Verdict

Above are some of the best Gmail alternatives, It totally depends upon your interest and ability to understand and work with a particular server. Every website may contain one or more disadvantages. Nothing is perfect. It should be your decision and choice to choose among these and several other servers for texting the messages. You should go with the best server with which you are comfortable.

Nonetheless, in this organic phase of digital electronics many more amazing email clients will set up and you can choose among them. Cheers!

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Top 5 Google Gmail Alternatives (My Favorite #3)

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