Top 7 MATLAB Alternatives to Program With

MATLAB is an ideal example of software applications that can be considered necessary for various specialised areas of research like economics, science, and engineering. MATLAB is an environment is used by some users for developing the user interface and also interfacing programs written in any other language.MATLAB or matrix laboratory is a fourth generation programming language developed by MathWorks.It allows matrix multiplication, plotting of functions and data, implementation of algorithms, the creation of user interfaces, etc.MATLAB was developed in 1970’s by Cleve Moler.But like every other software even this can have alternatives which are enlisted below:

MATLAB Alternatives
MATLAB Alternatives

1. Wolfram Mathematica

It was prepared by Wolfram Research, which one of the pioneers of computer software.It has a lot of features which satisfies almost all of the mathematical, computational needs.Its latest version has virtually more than 700 new functions.It is a computer algebra program used in mathematical, scientific and computing fields.It has various functionalities and versatilities that are usually required which also includes elementary and special functions. It has a feature of 2-D and 3D data and animation tools. The platforms available to this are Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. It also provides a 15 days trial. It is ideal as symbolics such as differentiation and integration can be done. So it blows out MATLAB when compared with integrals they are capable of evaluating.

2. Maple

It has a powerful math engine. It includes imperative style programming language which is identical to Pascal.It can also interface with languages like c, Java, Pascal, etc. It functions cover almost every part of math.It is also versatile, and its uses are extended to controlled design as well as statistical data analysis. The platforms which are available are Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.It also provides 30 days free trial. It also recognises handwritten symbols and provides connectivity with MATLAB.It does numeric but is also symbolic. So it offers an entirely different paradigm.It is best for producing various plots, graphics, and functional analyses.

3. GNU Octave

Also known as an octave. It is a high-level language used for numerical computation.It provides solutions for linear and nonlinear problems.It also performs numerical experiments.It is quite identical to MATLAB making it easily portable for most programs. It handles data manipulation and data visualisation. It has features like variable name completion and provides interfacing to SQL database.It supports many projects that are developed for MATLAB without modification. It is licensed under GPL.And above all the properties it comes free of cost.

4. Scilab – Best among MATLAB alternatives

It maintains a balance between its feature and its ease of use. It is a great alternative to MATLAB as it provides a excellent numerical computational package.It has a free “Xcode ” package which is analogous to MATLAB which provides the simple simulation of a dynamic system. It’s syntax is based on MATLAB. It handles enterprise scale, mathematical computations, simulations, data analysis, signal processing, etc.It provides a 2D/3D visualisation. It supports GPU computing and is also free of cost.

5. Julia

Although it is not a full-fledged alternative to MATLAB, it supports dynamic programming which is used for numerical computing. It has a sophisticated compiler and support for distributed parallel computing. It has an extensive function library which includes mathematical functions. It supports cloud computing.The multiple dispatches make it easy to develop capacity across various argument combinations.It is free of cost.

6. Sagemath

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Also known as sage. It covers areas like algebra, calculus, number theory, etc. in mathematics. it is a robust software which uses the syntax of Python supported for object-oriented constructs. It is written in Python and Cython. It is an open source math software and has a browser-based notebook where o0ne can review as well as reused previously used inputs and outputs. It is an automated test suite. It has a feature of text based command line interface which uses IPython and is free of cost.

7. Genius

Also known as a genius math tool. It had a built-in interactive programming language and began its life as a GNOME caZlculator which was very simple and morphed into something powerful and useful.It can be very helpful just like a calculator. Its graphical version supports 2D and 3D plotting. Its programming language is also known as GEL and has a very familiar mathematical syntax. It provides better plotting polynomial handling and better set support.

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Top 7 MATLAB Alternatives to Program With

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