5 Best Microsoft Office Alternatives for 2017

Microsoft Office in India starts at about 3629 INR for the Office 356 Personal, or the users are given an option to pay 360 rupees per month to avail the feature. No doubt Microsoft Word has the best in class features to offer, but 3600 might be a hefty price to pay if someone just must use some of the basic features like editing a document, reading, etc. This post will guide you through all the top Microsoft Office Alternatives that you can opt easily.
What small businesses and people who ought to do these little tasks need to know is that several other free tools could provide the same features for free or maybe a very nominal fee.

Microsoft Office Alternatives
Microsoft Office Alternatives

Opting for these free software’s doesn’t mean losing features. Some of the free software’s listed have managed to out pass Microsoft in innovation as well as in price. Best of all, when you choose open source software, you can forget about the user licensing and the burden of the prices they carry per users.

So, here are the top five Microsoft Office alternatives worth trying that will not make you regret retiring.

1. Google Docs

It’s fast, it’s fluid, it’s free, and it’s GOOGLE’s. Google pretty much covers all the fields which a primary user might want to use in their day to day routine. You can choose between Google Docs, Sheets, Slides and forms, all decently designed to abide by Google’s material design mentality. Though it is available online, anyone with a Google account can use these features for free which is synced automatically to the cloud i.e. Google Drive in this case.
What makes it unique is its less known feature where multiple users can work on the same document with editing it in real time and of course the voice typing feature that available in all the platforms be it your PC or your phone. The documents can then be saved and can be downloaded for offline uses and sharing. The flexibility of the working environment added to the trust of Google for data safety makes it a worth trying the product for personal as well as official use.

2. Apache OpenOffice

“The free and Open Productive suit”, that’s what the developers of the fantastic open source office software like to call it. Unlike the Google docs, Apache OpenOffice is a complete package of everything that Microsoft Office has to offer.
After receiving a warm welcome from users of all the platforms, OpenOffice in its 15 years has innovated enough to match the caliber of Microsoft Products. Writer for word processing, Calc for spreadsheets, Base for data manipulation, Draw for Graphic uses, Math for dealing with equations and Impress for presentations, offering almost the same tools like the Microsoft Office, the user must not find it hard for switching between the products.

3. WPS Office 2016 – One of the best Microsoft Office Alternatives for Mobile devices.

WPS Office might make you feel nostalgic for Microsoft Office considering the about same looks inherited, but WPS is hiding a lot under the hood that Microsoft office doesn’t have. WPS Office is available in paid and the unpaid version, with the outstanding version containing some ads.
The smallest size of the Office Suite includes Writer, Presentation, Spreadsheets and PDF tool to fulfill all your document needs. While these tools do the same thing what Microsoft Office has to do, also, WPS Office provides additional features Eye Protection and Night Mode, which turns the document background a medium-dark grey. In addition to that, the WPS Cloud features make editing in all the devices quite easy and on the go task.

WPS Office is a dream solution for a low-budget, no commitment free productivity office suite.

4. LibreOffice

LibreOffice is Free, and Open Sourced is making it accessible for everyone to download, modify and later share their findings with a worldwide community. LibreOffice is a successor to OpenOffice.org which in turns was based on StarOffice. LibreOffice provides a better stability and a look much soothing to the eye as compared to Microsoft Office.
On the bottom line, LibreOffice seems much like an effort to make the Microsoft Office client that we use free leaving behind the Outlook Part. LibreOffice doesn’t come with an online e-mailing client, and it doesn’t make much difference too. Other than that, since it’s free to edit, users can download extensions to modify their LibreOffice just the way they like to see it.


NeoOffice which is exclusive to Mac users is an effort by the Planasema Inc to bring certain features that the LibreOffice and Apache OpenOffice lacked in their MacOS versions.
The suit contains tools for word processing, a spreadsheet application, presentation, graphics application, database implementation and formula applications just with a refinement in it to suit mac purposes. Along with the LibreOffice and Apache OpenOffice, the product is also a direct rival of the Microsoft Office and Apple iWork.
Users already have to pay a huge chunk of their savings to get a Mac product. This is what makes Neo Office famous amongst the users. The tool specifically targets the Mac platforms and thus are more refined and stable than any other 3rd party Office suit in the market.he

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5 Best Microsoft Office Alternatives for 2017

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