6 Best Norton Antivirus Alternatives to Buy

Norton anti-virus is the most reliable and the best anti-malware scanning software developed and distributed by Symantec Corporation.It was produced from 1991 to 2014 and holds 61% of US retail market share in security software programs market.It provides you with protection against all kinds of viruses that can affect your system online or offline Like Trojans, Spyware Rootkits. Since it sports the SONAR technology as it helps in identifying even the unknown threats with high accuracy. The post is, however a list of the top Norton Antivirus alternatives that you can try.

Norton Antivirus Alternatives
Norton Antivirus Alternatives

It stops the system from downloading malware affected files online or offline from other devices.It relatively consumes lesser resources and offers a lot of more features.But as even the best of the things are flawed Norton anti-virus too has its flaws as even though the trial period is free, you are expected to pay to continue the services it provides. In that amount you can get some alternatives just as good or even better than it and sometimes you don’t even have to buy a subscription for them:

1. Windows defender

Supported by Windows system it protects more computers against all kinds of malware threats than Norton antivirus.It comes with a built-in thread detection and removes the programs and software that are affected by viruses.It comes with an on and off option to check if there are any malware presently present in the system or the portable devices that are currently inserted in the ports of the instrument for transferring any file or document.Just by clicking on the ON option you can check and remove any affected files or documents from your system.It is supported even by the latest Windows 10 system.

2. AVG Internet Security

One of the best-known security system for your device.This software is used for removing the unwanted threats, viruses, adware and malware from your PC’s.It was also known as Norman Malware Cleaner which provides the feel of freshness to the entire PC.It even stops/blocks any threats that come from unsafe links, downloads, email attachments, etc.It even scans and removes viruses from your device when you are not online as when you are using a USB and DVD drives at any time.Since it has an advanced artificial intelligence, it automatically updates its security system against even the newest threats with the help of its real-time analysis.

3. F-Secure Anti-Virus

According to 2017 Cyber Security Report, this software is one of the best security system present in today’s world.It comes for both home security purposes and business security purposes for home PC’s it offers the world’s best protection for online privacy nd for business PC’s it provides class endpoint protection and safety management solutions.It even offers an online scanner to scan and clean your PC for free.It works for MAC operation system as well.So, that means this security software is the best alternative for Norton Security.

4. Avira Free Antivirus

The best part of using this antivirus is that it comes for free.It removes identifying particulars.Hence protects your identity while browsing and wipes online traces clean.It’s the first ever full security package with next gen security privacy protection and enhanced performance.It does all these three with the help of anti-ransom,anti-surveillance, privacy cleaner respectively.It enjoys the goodwill of its name as it is an award winning free anti-virus.It helps you to be untraceable, uncensorable, and unhackable with your free VPN. It even speeds up your system as it has a very powerful scanning engine and is easily configurable.It too has a real-time analysis system that helps it to get automatically updated against the new threats out there.

5. 9-lab antivirus

It has an excellent compatibility with other security programs as you can run another antivirus programs at the same time with this security software without creating any conflicts. It uses its resources without applying a third party pilot projects as it uses its technologies and hence has its standalone malware removal engine. It can be updated easily and regularly to maintain a threat free system against all sorts of infections like viruses, spyware, malware, etc. and helps create a safe environment for your PC.

6. 360 Total Security – Best Free Norton AntiVirus Alternatives

It comes for both mobile and PC systems.It has five antivirus engine:360 Cloud Engine, QVMII, Avira, and Bit defender.It can be downloaded for free and is one of the leading antivirus software with billions of active users.It comes with three steps: Protection, Speed-up, Clean-up.It is also an Integrating award-winning antivirus software and can be easily downloaded in three ways: 360 Total Security Essential and 360 Premium Membership.It provides your device against virus, malware, ransomware.It also provides Multi engines protection, secure online shopping, privacy protection, internet protection, system protection and wifi security check.

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6 Best Norton Antivirus Alternatives to Buy

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